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Buying Myrtle Beach Real Estate can be quite a complicated process, whether you are buying a home to live in permanently, a vacation property, a property to put up for rental or an investment property. This is especially true for someone who is from out of town.

It’s difficult enough determining the price range that works for your budget, deciding between a Single Family Home or a Condo/Townhouse, finding the right neighborhood and location for your needs, and things like that. But what about securing your financing and making sure you are getting the right loan package at the best rate? Or finding the right attorney to represent you in the closing process?

Securing inspections to make sure the home is structurally sound and free of destructive pests like termites? Making sure that the title to the property is clear of liens? Not to mention the negotiation process…are you getting this property for the right price? What’s the going rate for Myrtle Beach Real Estate?

The list goes on and on. Now more than ever, you need solid, honest and professional representation when buying property in Myrtle Beach. And Cohen & Associates is just the company to represent you! We have been helping people buy Real Estate in Myrtle Beach since 1990, and we’ve built a reputation in the area that we are very proud of!

Let’s be honest. There are literally hundreds of real estate companies in the Grand Strand Area, and at least a few of them are very good at what they do. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business. So why Cohen & Associates, you ask?

We have a passion for what we do. It’s more than just dollars and cents. At the end of the day, and when the numbers have all been worked out, it’s about helping someone find exactly what they have been looking for, helping them get it at the best possible terms, making the purchase as smooth and painless as possible and being honest and transparent throughout the entire process. That “Golden Rule” way of doing business is how Cohen & Associates does our job.

Here is a breakdown of the services we provide to our buyers:

  • If you haven’t already done so, we can help you determine the best type of property (condo, house, townhome, land, etc.), the right size, location, features and price for your needs. Click here to see our Featured Real Estate for Sale.
  • Once we’ve gotten that information, we do an exhaustive search, both on the MLS and through other means, for properties matching the criteria that has been determined, and working with you to identify properties that are worth seeing. Click here if you’d like to search the MLS for yourself first.
  • We will schedule and conduct showings of the properties, and help you to compare the properties you’ve seen. Sometimes, when you are looking at properties, they can all start to “merge” together and it can be difficult to distinguish them from each other. We list out the different comments you make about each property, and the features you liked (and didn’t like) to help you keep them straight.
  • We help you figure out the best offer and negotiation strategies to get the property for the best possible price. If you will be getting a loan to make this purchase, and haven’t already secured your financing, we can help you find the right lender for your needs. We can also help you find the right closing attorney to represent you in the closing process.
  • This part is the most crucial: without good representation, the closing process can be a nerve-wracking, hair-pulling experience. There are inspections, title searches, last-minute requests for information, potential breakdowns in communication and a host of other things that, with our representation, can be seen through to a successful closing. Cohen & Associates will work with your attorney and lender, as well as the closing team of the sellers, to make this process as smooth as possible.

The fact is, the vast majority of sellers are willing to take less money than they are asking for. That’s why it’s called an asking price. But how much less? One question we get a lot is “why not just offer them a really low amount?” In our experience, that will backfire more often than not. Most sellers will respond to an insultingly-low offer by locking their jaws and refusing to negotiate. On the other hand, there are some sellers who are more than willing to take FAR less than what they’re asking, just to get out from under their home. Maybe they are about to be foreclosed on, or they need to move for work or personal reasons and just want to get out from under the property. But how can you tell which is the case?

Well, Cohen & Associates has years of experience in figuring this out. There are many subtle clues, from the wording on the MLS listing, to the history of changes in the asking price, to the way that the seller’s agent speaks about the property, that we use to help determine how motivated (or in some cases, how desperate) the seller is to sell the real estate.

Based on that, we work with you to determine the best strategy to get the terms you want. Ask for much less than asking price to get a lower price? Ask for closer to the asking price, but ask them to pay your closing and loan costs? Offer them a respectable amount and say it’s your bottom line? Let Cohen & Associates help you figure out the right path to take.

For more information, or for any questions you may have about Myrtle Beach Real Estate, fill out our form below now!