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Don't need to sell? Let us manage your rental for a steady income stream!

Want to make some well-deserved money from your home, condo or townhouse? Not willing to sell at today’s prices? We don’t blame you. In fact, our recommendation to people who do not NEED to sell right now is to wait a while until you are ready to sell, or until you can retire and move into your home in Myrtle Beach.

That’s all fine and good, but what if you need to make some income from the property? If you’re not living there, and you’re not selling it, it’s just sitting there. Well, Cohen & Associates has just the plan for you! The residential rental market in the Myrtle Beach Area is VERY STRONG!

Many people are moving here who just aren’t quite ready to buy. Maybe they need to sell a property elsewhere first, or they’re getting their credit in order to get the best financing terms possible.

In the meantime, they need somewhere to live. Why not make some money from that reality? Cohen & Associates has had a 100% success rate of finding tenants for the rentals that we manage. For most of those properties, we secured good tenants within a week or so of putting it up for rent! That’s money in YOUR pocket!

You may have considered putting your property up for rent in the past, but it just seemed like too much of a hassle. Finding a tenant, making sure they could afford the rent before agreeing to let them in, collecting the rent, dealing with maintenance and repair issues, etc. With Cohen & Associates, you put us to work and wait for the money to roll in! It’s THAT easy!

Here is a breakdown of the services we provide throughout the rental management process:

  • Advertising of Property to Secure Tenant:
    • We advertise your Real Estate for Rent on, Facebook, Zillow, Craigslist and nearly 30 other sites.
    • We Show your property and screen prospective tenants.
    • We collect information, credit score and rental applications of prospective tenants.
    • We act as liaison between you and the tenant and write up the rental agreement according to the terms you specify.
  • Collection of Rent and Maintenance of Property:
    • We collect and hold the security deposit. We can also collect and disperse rent, if you choose.
    • We collect rent prior to the 5th of each month, and collect late fees, if any.
    • We instruct the tenant to let us know of any maintenance needs in the home (appliances, electrical, etc.)
    • We conduct regularly scheduled inspections of the home to make sure that everything is in order.
    • In the case of maintenance needs, we tell you about the need, set up the professional to come out and take a look at it, and then have the quotes sent to you. It is required that you approve all work that is to be done, and after that we coordinate getting the professionals back in to do the needed work.
    • In the case of non-payment of rent or any other ongoing violation of the rental agreement, we work with you through eviction process. Thankfully, we have only had to do this one time in all the years we’ve been managing rentals.
  • Transition from one Tenant to next Tenant, or back to Landlord:
    • Once the lease is up, if the tenant or you choose not to renew, we begin the process again of marketing the home and securing a new lease.
    • We coordinate the transition from the old tenant to the new tenant.
    • If you choose not to rent the home anymore, then we coordinate the transition from the old tenant back to you.
  • These transitions include:
    • Bringing in professionals to determine if any work needs to be done.
    • Making sure that all of your household belongings remain in the home.
    • Making sure that all of the tenants’ belongings go with them.
    • Helping you determine how much, if any, of the tenants’ security deposit needs to be retained to pay for any unexpected repairs.
    • Upon your instruction, releasing the security deposit (or remainder of the deposit, if any) to the tenant.

In short, there is NOTHING we don’t do in managing your property!

For more information on the services we can provide you as a Grand Strand Area Real Estate Rental Management Company, or for any questions you may have about Myrtle Beach Real Estate, fill out our form below now!