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Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Selling Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Do you have Real Estate in the Myrtle Beach area that you want to sell? Are you looking for a listing agent that can sell your house as quickly as possible, for as high a value as possible? At Cohen & Associates, we don't just list your property. We sell your property!

It is crucial that your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Listing Agent have an aggressive marketing campaign for selling your property. Unfortunately, many Agents come from the "put on the lockbox and hope for the best" school of real estate, and in this market, that simply doesn't cut it!

We believe that the following things will sell your property: a competitive and reasonable asking price, an aggressive real estate listing marketing campaign and a solid negotiating team. Cohen & Associates can provide these services to you!

We also believe in actually being at your showings whenever possible. Most real estate agents have no problem with letting the prospective buyers and their agents look through your listing on their own, without any input from someone who has an interest specifically in selling your property.
Here is a preview of the marketing campaign that we provide to our sellers:

MLS - First and foremost, the biggest source of transactions is through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We will list your property on the MLS, with all fields filled out (this is crucial, since agents search based on what is on your listing, and since most agents don't fill everything out, their listings don't come up in the searches very often). We also have links to a Narrated Video Tour.

Narrated Video Tour - Cohen & Associates Real Estate is the only real estate company in the Grand Strand Area that offers Narrated Video Tours for all of our listings. These tours are professionally filmed, with professional voice talent and high-level production values. It has quickly become our most successful means of selling properties. - All of our listings go on, the most popular real estate related website. We have a link to our Myrtle Beach Real Estate Narrated Video Tour on this listing as well.

Aggressive Online Marketing Campaign - Over 80% of Real Estate Buyers start their search for real estate online. Considering almost all of our homebuyers come from out of town, it is imperative that your listing be available for viewing all over the Internet. Here is a sampling of the websites your real estate listing will be available on:

Google Housing Search - Google is the most popular website on earth. Their Housing Search is one of the broadest-used searches on the internet, and your property will be listed there with all the information, including a link to the Narrated Video Tour.

YouTube - All of our Narrated Video Tours are uploaded on YouTube, the most popular video site on earth.

Video Syndication - Through YouTube, our Narrated Video Tours are syndicated to several other sites, AOL Video and Google Video.

Craigslist - Craigslist is the world's most popular online classifieds website, and Cohen & Associates is at the forefront of this new medium of selling real estate listings.

Postlets - Postlets is a REALTOR-only listing syndication service, that puts your listing on over a dozen different real estate listing websites.

Map-Based Real Estate Sites - We place your listing on several map-based real estate listing sites, including Zillow, Trulia and RealAdo. These are sites where people select on a map the areas where they would like to see real estate that is available for sale.

Social Networking Sites - Your listing will also be advertised on Social Networking Sites, like Clipmarks, Digg, and Mag.nol.ia. Not sure what any of that means? Contact us for more info!

For more information on the services we can provide you as a Grand Strand Area Real Estate Listing Company, or for any questions you may have about Myrtle Beach Real Estate, Contact Cohen & Associates today!